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The LAPCO Difference

LAPCO Manufacturing, Inc. is family owned and operated in Morgan City, Louisiana.
In 1989, Freddie Triche established Louisiana Apparel Company in the Triche family’s
backyard workshop. As a pipe welder himself, Freddie saw a need for high-quality
protective apparel for welders. Freddie designed, patented, and began producing his
leather arm pads with the help of his wife, Trudy. After receiving positive feedback from
friends and local customers, Freddie began advertising his arm pads with a mail-in
order form in a small welding publication. The demand for Freddie’s leather arm pads
grew from there, and the operation expanded to include high-quality welding shirts,
welding leathers, and other accessories after a short time.

Over the last 3 decades, the industrial trades that use safety apparel have grown and
evolved. Standards are in place to keep workers safe from hazards on the job.
Workplaces have implemented safety cultures and employees are encouraged to work
safely. Safety was the catalyst for the introduction of the LAPCO FR™ line of work
clothing in 2005. Today we produce hundreds of protective products and offer many
services with the same high standards for quality and family values that are inherent
to the LAPCO brand.

LAPCO employees have a rich history and family legacies tied to some of the most
dangerous industries in the world. Our families and friends have careers that bring them
into hazardous conditions on a day-to-day basis. We are proud of the work that we are
doing and the products that we produce. We know that the job we do keeps people all
around the world safe from harm so that they can return to their families. That is why
quality and integrity are so important to us.
Press coverage
'Best in Show' New Product Showcase Awards
Safety & Health Magazine - January 13, 2021
Lapco FR Fleece Lined Vest With Windshield Technology
Utility Products | Safety - January 08, 2021
Nomination: 'Best in Show' New Product Showcase Awards
Micah Triche
VP - US Operations, 800.385.5380
Micah Triche holds one of Lapco’s longest tenures, starting at the age of five when his parents began Lapco in their family home. After graduating college with a business degree, Micah hit the road selling FR products to begin growing his vision for the future of the brand. Today, Micah manages and oversees all operations, sales, and marketing. To see the personal side of this professional, look for Micah on a golf course or at a National or state park camping with his family.
Hayden Broussard
National Sales Manager, 800.385.5380
Hayden Broussard is LAPCO’s National Sales Manager. He works closely with the sales team improving the selling experience and prioritizing opportunities. He enjoys being part of the decision-making process and helping the sales team meet their customers’ needs. Hayden is a business management graduate of Nicholls State University and self-proclaimed Gift of Gab alum. Before joining LAPCO in 2018, Broussard worked at Office Depot for five years and often dealt with problematic situations that allowed him to think outside of the box. He insists there is a strong similarity between ink pens and fr clothing, believe it or not. His hobbies include playing video games or playing chess with his wife. When not playing hype man to the sales team, you can find Hayden playing bass with Louisiana alt-rock band Autumn High or volunteering with his wife in local community clean up efforts. One of his personal goals is to start a scholarship for children battling brain cancer. His motto? What’s the point of being negative?
Lauren Brizendine
Marketing Manager, 800.385.5380
With a passion for innovation and creativity, Lauren Brizendine has spent over 20 years working in the apparel industry for a variety of notable brands and private labels. When she is not talking about fabric, fit, and fashion, she moonlights as a comedic creator and writer and enjoys eating crawfish and hanging with her yorkie, Meaux.
Tiffany Giroir
Media Manager, 800.385.5380
Tiffany Giroir is a self-taught design and communication professional described by her colleagues as "Resourceful... Hard-Working and Focused." Giroir has 12 years of experience in PR and Marketing roles, with 10 of those in the safety apparel industry. When she is not photographing workwear models, designing print catalogs, updating websites, or crafting social media content, Tiffany can usually be found at a fastpitch travel softball tournament critiquing umpires' calls or at home reading sci-fi fantasy novels and drinking coffee.
LAPCO FR donates $1 for every pair of FR Utility Jeans purchased to support the families of linemen who have been severely injured or have lost their lives in the line of duty.
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LAPCO FR logo full color
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""...I’ve worked with many FRC Company’s and I have found that working with LAPCO has made my life much easier. What I like about LAPCO is, from the owner, sales people and employees they love the products that they make and the way the company cares about the end product and user....""
D. Cobbs
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have to wear fr clothing on the pipeline. After wasting money on many different fr jean brands, Lapco is the only brand I will now buy & wear."
Lisa C.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Our experience with LAPCO has been exceptional. Quality garments and they can turn custom coverall orders around faster than anyone in the business of providing FR garments. They truly listen to their clients and are responsive to new challenges and ideas. Bottom line: Great service and good people!""
Key Safety
For press inquiries, please contact:
Lauren Brizendine or Tiffany Giroir
(800) 385-5380