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Sizing, Fit, and Measurements: Breaking it Down Before I Have A Break Down

Sizing, Fit, and Measurements 

My boss approached me the other day with what I assumed was a riddle.  He said, “If the chest is 50” and he wants it to be loose, what size is it? Did he mean body measurements or garment measurements when he mentioned the chest?  Surely I knew the answer, but as I thought more and more about it, I soon realized without more information, context, or even a forwarded email with all the details, there was no way to answer. Why?  Because the world of sizing, fit, and measurement is very complicated.  Let me explain.

(F)it's Personal

Fit is a very personal experience.  Some people like things to fit closer to the body, some people rather a looser fit.  Some people have bigger thighs, and some people want to wear multiple garments layering atop each other.  For a manufacturer, however, sizing must be streamlined.  We have to consider all these possibilities and find a way to serve a variety of shapes and sizes.  How do you streamline something that’s personal?  Seems like an oxymoron, but Lapco Manufacturing has stepped up to the challenge. 

Sizing for Safety

As a manufacturer of safety products, we recognize the importance of properly fitting garments for our men and women end-users.  If a garment is too big, it could get caught on a piece of machinery.  If a garment is too small, the garment may not provide the appropriate amount of coverage leaving skin exposed to hazardous possibilities.

Measurable Solution

Over the next few months, we are working on a solution with a world-renowned fit expert that combines body measurements and fit preference to make sizing easier to navigate within our brand.  But until then, if you are unsure of what it all means, here’s a quick infographic to help simplify the very complicated world of sizing, fit, and measurements.

Lapco Sizing, Fit, and Measurements infographic