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    Care & Maintenance of Flame Resistant Clothing | LAPCO FR™

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    Tips and information on garment cleaning and caring for your FR workwear. READING FR GARMENT CARE LABELS Always read the care labels on any FR garment before...

    Benefits of Custom Employee Uniforms | LAPCO FR™

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    Companies providing employee uniforms have a measure of control over uniform selection, maintenance, care, and retirement. This helps to ensure that uniforms meet the proper standards and that employers educate workers in the proper use of safety clothing. These preventative measures save the business money and man-hours by mitigating the risk for injuries and downtime resulting from citations for non-compliance.

    Flame-Resistant Clothing Terms - Quick Reference | LAPCO FR™

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    Common Flame-Resistant Clothing terms, acronyms, and what they mean.       Clothing & Equipment PPE: (Personal Protective Equipment) is equipment worn...

    Insect Repellents & FR Clothing | LAPCO FR™

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    Using a safe, non-flammable, insect repellent formulated for use with FR clothing reduces the possibility of contracting Zika virus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, West Nile virus, and other vectors spread by mosquitoes and ticks.

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