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Episode 05 | Safety And… School with Special Guests by LAPCO FR

Safety And... School:

Lauren chats with her nieces and nephews: Bella (16), Eli (15), Libby (11), and Max (7). Listen as they discuss safety, school, and how current events are affecting teens' and childrens' lives, and play "Old Skool, New Skool" a game designed and developed by Eli!




This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO manufacturing. LAPCO: premium workwear since 1989.


Lauren Brizendine  0:27 

Hey, Hey, everyone, welcome to Safety And… a laughing and learning podcast where we talk about safety and well, whatever else is on your mind. I'm your host Lauren Brizendine and I am super excited about today's special episode. We're actually giving you a quarterly bonus episode this month. And it's a special episode for a lot of reasons. Because first of all, I am talking safety and school with some of the podcast’s biggest fans, my nieces and nephews say hello nieces and nephews.


Group  1:05



Lauren Brizendine  1:07 

Yes, so I am here with my niece, Bella, my godson and nephew, Eli, his brother, Max, and their sister, Libby. And they are all my nieces and nephews, and we're talking about safety in school. Are you guys super excited about this?


Bella  1:24 

Super excited.


Lauren Brizendine  1:25 

Yes. So, we have a group of teenagers and kids. So, this should be really interesting to hear what you guys have to say today. Do you know why we're interviewing with you guys who are my nieces and nephews?


Eli  1:43 

Because LAPCO is a family company?


Lauren Brizendine  1:46 

Yes. So, our company, LAPCO is a family company. And we do have a lot of moms who have kids. So, we thought it would be really cool. And really important to talk to some kids and teenagers about safety and give you guys an opportunity to be on the podcast. So, I'm just going to jump right into it. But what does safety mean for you as a teenager, I'm going to put I'm going to give this to Eli and Bella, and then maybe for you two as kids, Max and Libby if you could tell everyone what safety means to you.


Eli  2:25 

So, to me safety. It's like a way to make everything run smoothly, in my opinion, because you know, you want to do all sorts of like fun stuff in life, but you want it to work smoothly. And that's why safety is in place.


Lauren Brizendine  2:39 

Oh, I like that safety makes things run smooth. What do you think, Bella?


Bella  2:45 

I think safety to me is not doing anything you're forced to do and you really feel uncomfortable doing that thing. So, I think safety, it takes place so that everybody can feel comfortable and not stressed and worried about bad things that might happen.


Lauren Brizendine  3:08 

Yes. Because I mean, everyone wants to go home safe safely, and everyone wants to be comfortable. So that's an excellent point. What does safety mean for you, Max?


Max  3:20 

It makes people feel like comfortable so they can like, do something that they're not rushed to or like doing something that they aren’t posed [supposed] to do.


Lauren Brizendine  3:32 

Yes, that is exactly what safety is. That's a great answer. Have you guys ever thought about being in a safety profession when you grow up? Libby, have you ever thought about being a safety or in some type of safety field?


Libby  3:46 

I actually have not. I don't know why but…


Lauren Brizendine  3:51 

Okay, well, I used to think about being a crossing guard. What about you, Max? Have you thought about being a position that might have some safety influence when you grow up?


Max  4:02 

A police officer or firefighter.


Lauren Brizendine  4:05 

Oh, those are both safety professions. That's really cool. Now I'm really interested on the teenager side of this because I do feel that you're getting to an age where people are gonna ask you what do you want to be? Are you guys thinking safety? Yes or no?


Eli  4:20 

With full honesty I would say I've never really thought of it before, but I mean, like you never know.


Lauren Brizendine  4:27 

Okay, what about you, Bella?


Bella  4:29 

Um, as I take more classes in school, I really have thought about the FBI and the police department lately because what they do for us is really it's a lot of behind the scenes, but it really does keep us safe, and it does keep everything going smoothly.


Lauren Brizendine  4:50 

Well, Bella might be in the FBI when she grows up. What about you, Max? What are you going to be when you grow up if you're not a police officer or fire fighter?


Max  5:01 

a football player or a dirt bike rider.


Lauren Brizendine  5:03 

Whoa, now that that's going to require some safety So what kind of safety? Do you think a dirt bike rider would need?


Max  5:12 

Like they will need like these boots helmet like arm gear and knee pads.


Lauren Brizendine  5:19 

Oh, yeah. Well, what about you, Libby, what are you going to be when you grow up?


Libby  5:23 

Well, you know, I haven't really made my official decision yet, right?


Lauren Brizendine  5:28 

Yeah, at your age, it's okay. I would just like to say for any child listening, it's okay. If you don't know what you're going to be when you grow up. Hey, for any adult listening if I'm being honest.


Libby  5:39 

Okay, so I've always thought about being a lawyer.


Lauren Brizendine  5:42 

Okay, now, that's interesting. Now, how do you think safety would play a role in being a lawyer? Maybe you are defending people who got in accidents? That could be one thing? Did you think about what type of lawyer I'm really getting into it today? aren't I?


Libby  6:03 

Oh, I haven't.


Lauren Brizendine  6:04 

Okay, that's a that's a very, very fair answer. Um, what is y’all favorite safety tip for anyone who might be listening?


Libby  6:19 

Okay, so I thought make very strong passwords.


Lauren Brizendine  6:23 

Ooh, that is an excellent safety tip. You know, a lot of times when I think about safety, I forget that computers are also like cyber safety is a thing. So that is a great one. Make strong passwords. What about you, Eli?


Eli  6:39 

So, any rule or like safety tip regarding to COVID? I strongly recommend because I'm honestly ready for all the COVID stuff to be over with. And I think with everybody participating in safety things regarding COVID, we can help stop the spread. And you know, life will be back to normal.


Lauren Brizendine  7:00 

I love that. Actually, I want to talk about how life might be different in the now times and the COVID times. How do you find your school is different max from when it was before? COVID? And after? COVID? Yes. How is it different?


Max  7:20 

You have to wear masks and you got to go six feet apart. And we can’t do like partner groups. And they don't have any more tables.


Lauren Brizendine  7:30 

Aww, do you miss your partner groups in your tables? Yeah, are you doing okay, in the post COVID world? Are you making it work?


Max  7:40 

Not really.




Lauren Brizendine  7:42 

What about you, Bella? How is life different… In the teenage world with COVID and pre-COVID? Because we had a really good talk about some, some things about how your junior year might be different than you know, you anticipated it?


Bella  8:02 

Yes, so it is very different. Um, there's obviously the school part of school. But there's also the social aspects on everything and less dances. So, we can't go to prom this year, probably, um, I really feel bad for the seniors, there's just everything that would make school fun is kind of lacking. And so, it's really not the full experience that I was hoping. But I do really hope that everything gets better soon so that I have a really good senior year.


Lauren Brizendine  8:42 

Yeah, well, you know, we were also talking about how school is very different. And safety is very different from when I was your age versus y'all now, you know, I mean, we if I'm being honest, if y'all grew up the way me and your brothers grew up, how are we all here? I'm not even 100% sure, you know, because it wasn't very safe. But what are some things that are kind of different? Or maybe even things that are the same? I know like we used to have curfews, that was kind of a safe thing. What are some things now that you guys might have to face with regards to safety that maybe I didn't have to face when I was a kid?


Eli  9:30 

So of course, I know we still have like all the original like, not COVID like safety guidelines. But like now it's stuff like the internet. And like Libby said, like creating strong passwords like that's something like us as teenagers like, and like any kid nice early watch out for because the internet can be a dangerous place.


Lauren Brizendine  9:51 

Yes, I mean, we can even do a special episode on safety and the internet because that's a really good one. I know max. We used to have a lot of fun. drills Do y'all still do drills at school? What kind of drills Do y'all do at school?


Libby  10:06 

Tornado drills, fire drills, and lockdown drills and that’s it.


Lauren Brizendine  10:10 

Yeah, because I'll be honest, we didn't have all of those drills. We had some of those, but that's a different one. What about you? Libby, do you think that safety is different from when I was a kid and when you were a kid?


Libby  10:23 

Okay, so like you said, technology plays a big part. So, you need to watch out what you're doing on the internet and make sure you're doing everything safely. And yeah…


Lauren Brizendine  10:34 

That's great advice. And what about you, Bella, I'll let you kind of close the loop on this one.


Bella  10:39 

Yeah, so social media is pretty much have has taken up majority of everybody's life these days. So, you do have to be very safe when it comes to that. But it can also be good for reaching out to family. And that's why there's pros and cons about that. But safety in general is really has really just changed but it's evolving, and it's getting better. So, I guess we just take it how life gives it.


Lauren Brizendine  11:14 

I love that. That's great advice. So, we are going to get into the school aspect of things and more importantly, our fun game. When we get back from our break.


Safety and podcast will be back after this message from our sponsor.



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Lauren Brizendine  12:16 

Alright, welcome back, everyone. As a reminder, I am here with Bella, Eli, Max, and Libby and today we are talking about safety and school. So, I would like for you all to tell our listeners how old you are at least what grade are you in right now?


Bella  12:33 

I am 16 and I'm a junior in high school.


Eli  12:37 

I'm 15 and I'm a freshman in high school.


Max  12:41 

I am seven and a half.


Lauren Brizendine  12:45 

Oh, the big 7.5. And what grade are you in?


Max  12:50 

Second grade.


Lauren Brizendine  12:51 

Second grade? That was a good grade. What about you Lib? Okay, so


Libby  12:54 

I'm 11 and I'm about to turn 12 and I'm in sixth grade.


Lauren Brizendine  12:58 

All right. 11 about to turn 12 also a very important age. What are your favorite subjects and least favorite subjects?


Eli  13:06 

So, my favorite subject is French. I think it's really fun learning like… I think it's really fun learning a new language. And my least favorite subject. This has been my least favorite subject, but I would have to say math. I really am bad at math.


Lauren Brizendine  13:23 

Now. I heard we have a math lover in the house. Which one is the math lover?


Max  13:29 



Lauren Brizendine  13:29 

Oh, Max, your favorite subject is math? What subjects Do you not like?


Max  13:36 



Lauren Brizendine  13:37 

Oh, yeah. You know what subject I liked? Recess. You know if I'm being honest. What about you? Yes. And lunch. Thank you. What about you Lib?


Libby  13:46 

Okay, so to be honest, I don't really like school. So, I don't have a favorite subject, or a least favorite subject. But you know, if I'm being real, math has to be my least favorite and uh… like science has to be my favorite.


Lauren Brizendine  14:01 

Wow, was she… So real! Y'all heard it here first. I mean, about to turn 12 does not like school. What are we doing on this podcast? What about you, Bell?


Bella  14:12 

Well, chemistry is a little bit of a struggle this year. So, I'd have to say that would maybe be close to my worst subject, which would also be math. But I did have a favorite subject. And that was last year taking sign language.


Lauren Brizendine  14:33 

Oh, yeah. I love that you chose an art because my favorite subject was art. And I think that's great. So, before we wrap up and get to our fun game, because I'm pretty sure that's what we're most excited about. Right. I want to give you guys an opportunity to talk to the adults that may be listening, right? So as parents and teachers and adults who are responsible for your safety, who are responsible for the school. that some of you don't like… Libby. Um, what would you tell us about school and safety? What should we know about what you're going through? Or what you're facing? Or what do we need to know?


Bella  15:15 

Um, well, first of all, thank you so much, parents, teachers, everybody that makes sure that we're safe add school. But, I guess just take it a little easy on us sometimes we appreciate y'all. But we like our space sometimes. Or as they say, you know, back in my day, parents just don't understand. Right, right.


Lauren Brizendine  15:41 

What I What about you, Eli? What do you have to say?


Eli  15:44 

So, for all like the teachers and parents, and basically anybody that's keeping us safe. What you're doing is great. And although we may not us kids may not seem like we're really appreciating it. Because let's be honest, sometimes safety can get in the way of fun. But at the end of the day, we need to know that safety is there so we can have fun. So just know that we truly do appreciate it.


Lauren Brizendine  16:10 

Oh, I love it. Can we get a tee… a T shirt that says safety is there for us to have fun? I love that. That is fantastic. What about you, Max?


Libby  16:19 

To teachers, parents, and everybody else, we’re thanking them because they keep us safe for safety. And if we get an emergency, they'll come.


Lauren Brizendine  16:30 

I love that. And what about you Lib? Bring it home for us.


Libby  16:35 

Okay, so they kind of took my words, but uh, yeah, so like police officers, firefighters, teachers, and parents, thank you for our safety and everything you helped to help protect us.


Lauren Brizendine  16:45 

Aww, it's just a message of appreciation, which I really love. Well, hey, speaking of gratitude, thank you, Bella, Ely, Max, and Libby, for talking with me today about safety and school. And I think we're going to do our fun game right. Now, this game is actually a game that you created, Eli, where it's called “Old Skool and New Skool.” But we're spelling it: s k o o l, correct? Because you guys are done talking about school. Right? We're about to have fun. So, you guys have prepared some questions, some new school questions to see if I know them. But I also had the joy of preparing some old school questions that you may or may not know. So, I'll let you guys ask me first and then we'll see. Eli, you have like a whole point system. Is there something else I should add to the explanation?


Eli  17:47 

Not really. I think we'll just like play by like normal points. I mean, unless like they need to be adjusted, like based on the questions so…


Lauren Brizendine  17:59 

All right, well, let's do it. I'm ready. And sound guy get ready to put a lot of bells in because I'm going to get this right. So, let's see what you got.


Eli  18:07 

Alright, so for the first question,

A group of some of the biggest TikTok-ers all got together to live in one big house in LA, called what?

So, your options are:

  1. Clubhouse Tik Tok,
  2. The Hype House,
  3. The Tik Tok Kingdom, or
  4. The Sway Palace


Lauren Brizendine  18:36 

Oh, what was B again? The hype thing… This is a very educated guess because I know absolutely nothing about Tik Tok. I'm going with the hype situation.


Eli  18:51 

You are correct.

Lauren Brizendine  18:54 

Yeah, okay. All right. Do I get to go with my old school question? Okay, get ready.

So um, this hairpiece was big in the 90s and was often constructed of a sequin, velvet, or metallic fabric.


Libby  19:15 

Okay, I think it is a scrunchie.


Lauren Brizendine  19:16 

It is a scrunchie! Alright, point for the kids point for the adults, don't worry I have us adults. I got us. Alright, what's next?


Bella  19:26 

Okay, this next one is finish the lyrics. Bonus points if you name if you can name the song.


Lauren Brizendine  19:33 

I got this.


Bella  19:36 

“I got my driver's license last week. Just like… “


Lauren Brizendine  19:41 

Just like… you know, I got my driver's license last week just like Dale Earnhardt, Jr…  Okay, Just like?


Bella  19:56 

“…just like we always talked about.”


Lauren Brizendine  19:59 

Just like we always… That was my second guess I was gonna guess that okay. All right, I see we're on the subject of music. Okay. Speaking of school:

This Pearl Jam song starts with a boy at home drawing pictures of mountain tops. The boy's name is blank and he spoke in class today.


Bella  20:21 

Bob Ross.


Lauren Brizendine  20:24 

It is not Bob Ross. It's a Pearl Jam song.


Lauren Brizendine  20:30 

Okay. All right. That's all right. Do y'all know this Pearl Jam song?


Group  20:35 

Actually, can you restate the question?


Lauren Brizendine  20:38 

Okay, I will. I will experience this Pearl Jam song starts with a boy at home drawing pictures of mountain tops. That boy's name is blank. And he spoke in class today.


Eli  20:52 

I'm gonna take a guess. Okay. I'm going to say Billy.


Lauren Brizendine  20:55 

No, his name was Jeremy spoke in class today. They are looking at me like they’ve never heard this song. Okay, point for the old schoolers there. Alright, what do we got?


Eli  21:11 

So the question number three.

What was not a fashion trend in the year 2020? Multiple choice again.

  1. studded belts,
  2. tie dye,
  3. bike shorts, or
  4. 90s - 2000s nostalgia.


Lauren Brizendine  21:30 

Oh, see, I'm gonna argue. I know it's A. That belted stuff. But I'm going to argue that because I think Western wear is a trend but I'm going with A.


Eli  21:39 

You’re correct.


Lauren Brizendine  21:42 

Okay, all right. Well,

This musician, who I once dressed like for Halloween, was famous for songs like “Get in the Groove”, “Borderline”, “Just like a Prayer”, and “Papa don't Preach”.


Eli  22:00 

Is the answer Madonna?


Lauren Brizendine  22:02 

The answer is Madonna. Good job. All right, we are tied. So, this could be potentially a tiebreaker. Is that correct?


Eli  22:10 

I guess was that I think so. Could be all right. All right. So, the fourth question is,

What does the term flex mean?

You get two points if you can guess it right off the bat. But you could get one point because we have an example sentence so if you get a with the examples,… Alright, so what does flex mean?


Lauren Brizendine  22:34 

Flex means when you like, like, you're trying to like to show off like, oh, why? Why he's gonna be all flex?


Eli  22:41 

You are correct. So two points.


Lauren Brizendine  22:45 

You are welcome. Well, I knew you guys were going to do slang. So, guess what, guys?

This slang word means a fake promise or a lie. An example might be when someone pulls their hand away after offering to give you a high five.

Oh, yeah. You all know it? On the count of 3. 1-2-3.



Group  23:07 

Psych…. Psych.


Lauren Brizendine  23:09 

Yes. Psych. I love it. Well is that… Do y'all still use that?


Max  23:15 

It's like, it's like, it's like, yeah.


Lauren Brizendine  23:19 

Yeah, all right. Oh, it has like a whole new like dab and


Max  23:23 

oh, like when they try to give you a high five.


Lauren Brizendine  23:27 

I learn something new every day. Well, guys, this was a blast. I hope our listeners enjoy this mini episode. Thank you guys for talking safety in school with me.


Group  23:38 

Thank you for having thank you so much for having me. Thank you so much for having us. Thank you.


Lauren Brizendine  23:46 

Alright. Special thanks to Bella Ely, Max, and Libby, for talking to us today on our minisode about safety and school.



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