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Episode 10 | Safety & Community with David Jaenike by LAPCO FR

Safety And... Community:

Lauren talks with David Jaenike, founder of Safety Knights, an online community for health and safety professionals. Listen as they discuss Safety, Community, Personal & Professional Growth, Platforms for Safety Pros, and play "Seven Things" - a team-building game.




This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO Manufacturing. LAPCO: premium workwear since 1989.




0:00:28.7 Lauren Brizendine: Hey, hey everyone. Welcome to Safety And..., a laughing and learning podcast where we talk about safety and whatever else is on your mind. I'm your host, Lauren Brizendine, and today we are talking about safety and community with David Jaenike. How are you, David?


0:00:48.4 David Jaenike: I'm doing great. How are you, Lauren?


0:00:50.8 LB: I am doing fantastic. I just had a fantastic lunch so feeling really good and ready to dive into some really interesting things about you and what you do. Now you are the founder of the Safety Knights. So, tell us a little bit about what is the Safety Knights? What kind of group is this? Because it did catch my eye when I saw it and I would love for you to tell us more about it.


0:01:26.4 DJ: Yeah, I mean Safety Knights, at the end of the day, is just, is really just a community of safety professionals. And the people in the community range from kind of people that are new in the field to people with decades of experience. So, it's a great place for the newer folks to ask questions and a great place for the more experienced folks to answer those questions and kind of impart knowledge on people. But I guess the overarching purpose of the platform is to really just bring everyone together and have a safe space for safety professionals to go and communicate. So that's why I made the site.


0:02:11.8 LB: The idea of a safe space for safety professionals, I just... I love that you said that. It's very catchy for anyone trying to think of something creative. I don't know, it was nice.


0:02:26.4 DJ: You know what? I think that's gonna be our next tagline.


0:02:29.6 LB: Okay, well, you're welcome, and that's what great... Great teamwork.


0:02:34.6 DJ: Thank you.


0:02:34.8 LB: You know, it kinda goes with community that we're talking about today.


0:02:37.9 DJ: That's right.


0:02:38.0 LB: The idea of teamwork and group so we're kind of crushing it already and we're less than five minutes in.


0:02:46.8 DJ: And I think it's interesting that we just had that interface because I think the podcasting space is kind of a community of its own, with you bringing guests on and then obviously your content being public and free for other people to listen to. So that's kind of similar to Safety Knights in that people are communicating on the platform, and it's basically free for everyone else to see. So, I'm all about the community-driven free content. I think it's awesome.


0:03:16.7 LB: Well, similar to you, our goal is to take people who might be new to safety, safety enthusiasts and people who might be experienced just looking to learn something new or maybe hear someone else's story that they can connect with and draw from that. So, I think we have similar goals which is, again why we're just crushing it. So, I want you to tell our listeners a little bit about your career and the path that has led you to the Safety Knights community. Tell us more about that.


0:04:00.2 DJ: Yeah, so I actually went to school for Environmental Science, graduated in 2013, and my first two jobs out of school were kind of more environmental-based, and my most recent job, I kind of incorporated safety as well. And I guess the formation of Safety Knights was more just like... I kinda just had this idea that hey, I wanna build a website, and I think a cool idea might be to have a platform for safety professionals to come together. Kind of being new to the field, I thought it would be interesting. And it really kinda just started off as like a pet project almost. And then I launched it and more and more people started to join, and it kinda became something way more than I expected it to become. So yeah, it's been a really fun journey and super useful tool for me so...


0:05:10.0 LB: How many members are you up to now?


0:05:13.4 DJ: So, we have 1700 people in the community.


0:05:16.6 LB: Wow. And I know you said that it's a safe space for safety professionals, these 700 members, but what other goals do you have for the group? I mean, I know I've been there. I don't know if I'm official Safety Knight yet, but there's a place for, you can ask questions. I think there's a place for jobs, if I'm not mistaken, podcast... I mean, it really is a fantastic resource.


0:05:48.4 DJ: Yeah, yeah, I kinda wanted to... Honestly, at first, so I launched Safety Knights in March of 2020, and I guess the first iteration of the site was literally just like a forum where you could post a question and people could post responses, and subsequently I kinda released more and more features. So, I added the job board, I added... We added the place, and I'm not... I say I, but I'm actually working with three other people right now on this, and I'll give them a shout out right now.


0:06:17.4 LB: Yeah, shout out.


0:06:19.3 DJ: Brandy Bossle writes our weekly newsletter. Branden Raczkowski helps out with the business side of things and helps promote the site, and then we recently added a new person. His name is Adam Cox, and he's our community developer and helping kinda keep the conversations alive and add new conversations. We're a team, and definitely I don't wanna to not give them a shoutout.


0:06:48.1 LB: Yes, and its super shout out of Brandy because I'm telling you that newsletter I was talking to you before the show, I love the citation of the week. I don't know, it feels like just that cool thing I get to read every, once a week or once a day, I love that, so it's a great newsletter for those who like to have that little bit of extra knowledge.


0:07:13.0 DJ: Yeah, yeah, for sure. She does a... We try to keep things pretty light-hearted in the platform, so I think she does a good job of capturing that in the newsletter, and I think my first couple of jobs, the safety people were always really hard and yelling and stuff like that, but I'm not saying I'm anti-yelling or anti-discipline, but I think it's kind of refreshing to have that lighter, I guess, flavor for safety professionals. So that's kind of the vibe we're going after like the... Not like up in your face, but more like, I guess community.


0:08:00.7 LB: A little lighter-hearted, for sure.


0:08:02.8 DJ: Yeah.


0:08:03.6 LB: And I'm glad you mentioned that 'cause we actually did an episode on safety and leadership, and actually through several of our episodes, we've talked about a re-branding of safety or maybe things aren't exactly what you think they are in terms of safety professionals that are those real hardcore type A type leaders versus someone who might just have a different perspective. So that seems to be a theme that's been running through the podcast as I'm sitting down and getting to learn more, so that definitely makes sense. So, I am learning that I am the least safe person I know sometimes. So, what exactly do I need to know to be a Safety Knight? Like do I need to have an official certification? Do I just need to sign up?


0:09:01.9 DJ: No. All you need to do is sign up.


0:09:05.7 LB: Okay, so I am official. So, okay.


0:09:07.7 DJ: You're officially a Safety Knight, yeah, I'm like...


0:09:11.2 LB: I'm so proud. I would like a little patch or something for my jacket.


0:09:18.4 DJ: You want a sticker?


0:09:19.6 LB: Yeah, definitely for my laptop. So please send me a sticker and I'll send you some LAPCO stickers.


0:09:26.5 DJ: Well, I have to make them first but...


0:09:28.6 LB: Hey, you know what? Whenever you get to it, just keep me on the list.


0:09:33.3 DJ: Alright.


0:09:34.4 LB: Now I know you said that you started this community based on your education with safety, but of the millions of things you could have started, the millions of communities, you could have had one for just young people starting out of college. Why did you choose safety? Is it a passion of yours?


0:10:00.6 DJ: Yeah, it's definitely a passion. And I also think... I also think that with safety, there's certain topics that maybe you don't wanna post about publicly, for example, if you were to post a question on LinkedIn regarding safety, typically your LinkedIn is account is paired with your employer or previous employers. So you wanna be careful with what you share on social media, and you don't wanna get in trouble with your employer, but with Safety Knights, the data is managed totally private and independent of your social media and whatever, and you have the option to post questions anonymously, so you don't really have to worry about getting in trouble with your employer if you have a question about something that could hold them liable or whatever. You can post things anonymously, so your name isn't tied down to that. So, I think you see that a lot in safety, probably a lot in HR too. So, I think there was a need for something like that, and people really do utilize the anonymous posting, probably for that reason.


0:11:23.3 LB: I see a lot of the anonymous posts, and then I also see you mentioned maybe what you may or may not post on LinkedIn, but I think safety, unfortunately, has a bit of a shadow side of maybe sometimes when people post about accidents or they post some things that can be graphic in nature or just some questions that have been asked, and so I do kind of see that it is maybe more of a space to explore some of those topics, whether you're afraid to ask an employer, whether the material might be a bit graphic for the normal professional world, so it really does allow for that.


0:12:09.6 DJ: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I agree, I think from like the corporate liability side of things, there's so much to be gained from being able to post anonymously and not hold yourself or your employer accountable, but you still wanna make sure you get that information that you're seeking.


0:12:31.3 LB: Definitely. Now, you have this project, obviously the Safety Knights, but tell us a little bit more about maybe some other projects that I know I'm a big fan of already, one of your professional projects, but maybe you have some personal projects as well that you'd like to talk about.


0:12:53.0 DJ: Oh, yeah, I mean... I guess one of the personal projects... So, Safety Knights, I made it kind of as a way for myself to learn how to code. So, when you make a website, there's actually a few different methods you can take like you can... Well, first, you can hire someone to build your website, there's website builders that you can use, and then you can hard code everything with HTML and JavaScript, and I actually chose the hard coding method, so it was quite the undertaking to try and learn this, but Safety Knights there's a ton of data that's getting managed like people making accounts, people posting stuff, people upvoting stuff, and people downvoting stuff, so each one of those actions requires data being sent to our server, so the depth that Safety Knights is... I kinda felt like I had to hard code it. So that was, that's kinda...


0:14:02.4 LB: That's impressive. That's impressive.


0:14:05.0 DJ: Yeah, it was... It probably... Honestly, it probably took maybe a year and a half of just learning before I was able to actually make something to put out in the world, but once you get learned the basics, there's not much to it, especially with Safety Knights is overall a pretty simple platform, but yeah, it was really fun learning. It kind of... It was really just like a pet project at first, I thought it would be fun to build and I thought it'd be fun to learn how to code, and again, it kind of scaled up beyond where I thought it would, which is cool. But yeah, so that was... I guess that's kind of my personal hobby too was learning all that, and once I learned the basics, yeah, I released a blogging platform lately, recently Neon Jacket, and that one, because I learned the basics, it only took me a couple of weeks to build out, so yeah I would definitely recommend it...


0:15:12.1 LB: Well, I'm loving it.


0:15:12.2 DJ: I would definitely recommend everyone learn how to code, 'cause I'm not like an especially smart person, I just took the time to learn it, but you can find all this information on YouTube.


0:15:24.4 LB: Yeah. I'm putting it...


0:15:26.2 DJ: There's tons of...


0:15:27.6 LB: On my to-do list right now, Learn to Code. Check out YouTube.


0:15:31.4 DJ: Well, I'm not even kidding. There's a two-hour tutorial on YouTube that start to finish, you can make a to-do list. So, you can launch some stuff very quickly with not much like prior knowledge, so I definitely... I definitely challenge everyone listening to this podcast to go search out something and try it out, 'cause you'll probably really like it, that's what I found myself, so hopefully I can inspire people to launch some cool stuff.


0:16:02.8 LB: Well, I'm like, I have so much homework to do. I need to go to YouTube and learn how to code.


0:16:10.9 DJ: Well, I think the barrier of entry this day and age, just with all the resources on the internet, the fact that average people can go out and learn this and launch stuff to the world, I think everyone listening probably has one or two business ideas that they thought about and maybe like, "Oh, I don't know how to do that," but you really can't go out and learn this stuff and put stuff into, put stuff out in the world. You just gotta give yourself the time to learn it and not get frustrated, but yeah.


0:16:43.4 LB: Yeah. You can YouTube anything. My dad is... Shoutout dad, 'cause I know he listens, he YouTube's how to fix washers, how to fix this, just anything. So, it's actually a great idea and it keeps you learning, it keeps you on top of your game professionally, so that's a great challenge. And challenge accepted. I will...


0:17:13.2 DJ: I'll send you the link.


0:17:15.2 LB: Yeah.


0:17:15.2 DJ: I'll send you the link to that series I used.


0:17:18.2 LB: I'm still taking the challenge of learning Spanish right now from 2020.


0:17:23.0 DJ: Oh, gosh.


0:17:23.7 LB: Yeah, I was supposed to say 2021, but it was last year. I started that, so I'll add this to my list of things to learn once I get fluent in Spanish.


0:17:36.5 DJ: Yeah. Oh, that's a great language. I need to learn that too 'cause I think in the safety profession, that's such a useful language to know.


0:17:45.0 LB: Anytime you can be bilingual. I think it just helps with so much.


0:17:51.2 DJ: Right.


0:17:51.7 LB: And then I also wanna ask you about your blog, do you do all your blog content because I really am enjoying it. I know, I read an article on safety and color psychology. So, some of the topics that you're writing about are very interesting.


0:18:10.0 DJ: Yeah, so Neon Jacket and anyone out there listening can make an account and post blogs that... Neon Jacket is not just about me, it's for people that, if you don't have your own blog and you want a place to post stuff, then by all means make an account and post stuff. The intention of it is to post casual blogs and maybe build a following, but yeah, I just post random stuff that kind of applies to safety, like color theory, which is honestly not something I really know a whole lot about, other than what I've learned from web design, but yeah, yeah. You can communicate certain feelings and stuff through the colors you use, so that's kind of what the article is about.


0:19:02.0 LB: I have an Art degree, so that's why I feel like that one really called to me because the idea of art and safety was just an interesting concept to me and I do personally like to blog more so about safety in terms of apparel, which is where my specialty lies, but it's some great content. So again, for those listening, Safety Knights and Neon Jacket, correct?


0:19:33.5 DJ: Correct.


0:19:34.6 LB: Okay. Well, you are a busy man, obviously with all of this, but what do you do on your free time?


0:19:42.7 DJ: So, I have a wife and a one-year-old.


0:19:46.7 LB: So, you have no free time is what I'm hearing.


0:19:48.8 DJ: So that is my free time.


0:19:53.6 LB: Yes.


0:19:53.8 DJ: No. Honestly I love playing with the baby and going and hanging out with the family. I think one-year-olds are... I guess I only have one, so I don't know how kids change as time goes on, but one year is pretty freaking fun.


0:20:11.0 LB: Oh, wow. Well, congratulations. I'm sure you are even busier with your free time stuff than you are with your professional stuff.


0:20:23.0 DJ: Yeah, I can still outrun the baby though, so that's my saving grace.


0:20:27.1 LB: Hey, there you go. Yeah, because the older you get, I hear that it's not... It doesn't get easier.


0:20:35.2 Speaker 4: Safety And... Podcast will be back after this message from our sponsor.


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0:21:46.1 LB: Well, I wanna start transitioning to our end topic, which is safety and community. Obviously, a lot of what we've just talked about is the community of Safety Knights, but why is community important to you, why is this project so important to you?


0:22:07.7 DJ: Yeah, I think it just comes down to the fact that no one person has all the answers.


0:22:16.2 LB: I love that.


0:22:19.4 DJ: So, you gotta use the resources that other people have and the knowledge that other people have, 'cause if you don't take advantage of that, then I think you are kinda holding yourself back. 'Cause knowledge is power, and the more knowledge we have the more useful we can be to the world. So yeah, just...


0:22:43.0 LB: You were just all of all these quotable quotes. I mean, we are gonna need to make a lot of stickers between the two of us and just exchanged them with all these great quotes.


0:22:51.9 DJ: I feel like I should have brought my copyright lawyer with me. [chuckle]


0:22:56.0 LB: Yes, same. Yes. And if you are listening, please don't steal it.


0:23:02.3 DJ: Free to use all these quotes, but don't attach my name to them. [chuckle]


0:23:04.9 LB: Yes, same, exactly. Well, in addition to safety, what other communities are you a part of?


0:23:15.4 DJ: So actually, the one that kinda inspired me to learn how to code was the... It's a website called Indie Hackers, and it's really just about people that are making pet projects and stuff that I kinda wanted to make with Safety Knights and they'll kind of share knowledge and tips and offer advice on your landing page, and if you are struggling with something, they'll help you out, so it's...


0:23:42.7 LB: So, you're part of a hacking community, is that what I'm hearing? [laughter]


0:23:48.0 DJ: It's not like hacking hacking, but it's just...


0:23:51.2 LB: No. I've...


0:23:51.9 DJ: The title of the website is Indie Hackers.


0:23:54.1 LB: Yeah.


0:23:55.0 DJ: As in independent hackers, so it's just people building small pet projects, and it was a really great spot for me to kinda share some of the struggles I had with learning web design and development, and ultimately, that... That's kinda... That community is what helped me launched Safety Knights, so that's the power of the community right there.


0:24:18.8 LB: Well, that kind of parlays into my last question, before we jump into our fun thing, I can't believe the time is just flying by.


0:24:30.3 DJ: It really is.


0:24:30.9 LB: And we're still crushing it at almost 30 minutes in, so... But to piggyback off of where you were going, how can someone use their community to grow both personally and professionally, and I know for me, I was part of an Improv community, I am part of an Improv community as soon as life gets going again, and it really does change your life, the idea of community. Like you said, not everyone has the right answers, but I think just being able to share the human experience with other humans is so good for your soul, whether you're trying to grow personally maybe get more confidence like I was doing with Improv or whether you're trying to grow professionally, but for me in Improv that even helped my professional career, my presentation. So, I'm curious as to your thoughts on how someone can use community to better their life.


0:25:39.2 DJ: Yeah, just having a place to confide with people, I think that can be pretty liberating, and just seeing what other people are for... In the safety world, seeing what other issues other people are encountering, how they're tackling those issues. I think the benefits are really endless, and you can build a community for really almost anything. You can niche down like really, really far and you could, you can build a community. And people wanna be a part of a community. It's human nature.


0:26:21.4 LB: It definitely is, and I am excited that as we keep going through 2021, it seems that we're getting closer to interaction and truly being able to experience community at its fullest.


0:26:38.0 DJ: Yeah.


0:26:38.7 LB: I think we've had to be a little creative on how to not feel so lonely and really be able to connect with people over the last year, but I think 2021 is... I can just feel that we're getting closer to that, just like being able to hug and shake hands and... It's exciting.


0:27:03.1 DJ: Yeah, it definitely is. Yeah, I think we're all in agreement there.


0:27:12.2 LB: Well, David, thank you so much for talking about safety and community. This has been really a treat, and I'm so excited about what you're doing with the Safety Knights and Neon Jacket. Do you have any plugs that you wanted to give for maybe those listening as a place where they can find you in your community?


0:27:35.7 DJ: Yeah, if you want, just hit me up on either LinkedIn or Twitter. My Twitter handle is DavidJaenike and that's my name on LinkedIn too, so those are the best places to go and reach me if you wanna... Or you could just join Safety Knights and follow me there.


0:27:53.0 LB: And it's


0:27:54.9 DJ: Yup,, correct.


0:27:58.2 LB: Alright, well, we are going to close with a really fun game that I learned actually from Improv, and if you're listening, this is actually a great team-building game, and what it does is it basically builds confidence and it also builds support, and the game is called seven things. So David, I am going to give you a made up topic and you will give me seven things, the first seven things that come on top of your head that kind of answer that topic, and I'm basically going to agree with you, I'm gonna say Yes or I'm gonna count one until you've named all seven, and basically what I need you to do is be as confident as you can in those seven answers, regardless of what they are, because I promise you by five, you're gonna be like, I don't know what to say anymore. And then the other part of it is that it doesn't matter what you say. If I say, give me seven things you ate today and you say, my fingers, I'm going to agree with that, I'm going to support you. So, it's really great for team building, for support, and I love the idea that it just kind of brings together what we've been talking about which is community. Does that sound like a plan?


0:29:28.4 DJ: Let's do it, let's do it.


0:29:30.1 LB: Alright. Well, I want you, David, to me seven names of Billboard songs about safety, and go. It doesn't matter what you say.


0:29:48.4 DJ: Let's see, let's see. So, these are like Billboard Hot 100 songs?


0:29:53.7 LB: Yeah, just make them up. Whatever you say is right.


0:29:57.5 DJ: Alright, let's go with... I don't even know.


0:30:03.8 LB: Yes, you do. At first... David, you got this. Seven billboard hits.


0:30:08.4 DJ: Alright, well, is that song work by Fifth Harmony? If you watch their music video, they're all on a construction site, so...


0:30:15.7 LB: Yes. Yes, there's that one.


0:30:19.1 DJ: Let's see what else.


0:30:22.6 LB: You can make something up. It can be called trees of work. It's a great song, I love it.


0:30:28.5 DJ: Oh, there's men at work.


0:30:29.6 LB: Yes, that's two.


0:30:34.3 DJ: I don't know why I'm thinking like Justin Bieber right now.


0:30:37.2 LB: Yes, I love the Justin Bieber song about safety. Yes, that's three.


0:30:44.4 DJ: Here's one. The Metro Station song, shake it, if you watch the video...


0:30:50.6 LB: Shake it, shake it, love it.


0:30:51.3 DJ: They are all like break dancing.


0:30:52.0 LB: Love it, four. You can do this. Make something up, it doesn't matter, it doesn't have to be a real song.


0:31:00.8 DJ: Let's go with Lose It by Eminem.


0:31:04.1 LB: Okay, that's five.


0:31:05.4 DJ: I don't think that has anything to do with safety.


0:31:07.9 LB: It doesn't matter. I support you and you sound confident. Alright, I need two more. You got this... It's rapid fire, rapid fire, just make something out, what's the first word that comes into your head?


0:31:26.9 DJ: Rihanna, Umbrella.


0:31:28.3 LB: Yes, yes, I love that safety song. And finally.


0:31:32.2 DJ: 24 Karat Magic, Bruno Mars.


0:31:34.3 LB: 24 Karat... Yes, yes, yes. And sound eye, please put in some applause. That was seven Billboard hits about safety. Now, if you wanna chat, I'll give you an opportunity to come back if you want, you can choose a made-up topic, and I'll just give you the first seven things on top of my head if you want to make it more of a challenge, 'cause I do have one more I wanna do with you.


0:32:00.1 DJ: Oh boy.


0:32:00.6 LB: But I wanted to give you some time, if you wanted to kind of let your brain relax or whatever... If you have a made-up topic.


0:32:12.4 DJ: Who's your favorite band?


0:32:14.8 LB: The Beatles.


0:32:16.3 DJ: Alright, let's do seven songs by the Beatles.


0:32:19.5 LB: Oh, just real songs by The Beatles, 'cause I can do...


0:32:23.5 DJ: Yeah.


0:32:23.9 LB: I'll do this, I'll do seven real songs...


0:32:26.7 DJ: Do seven albums.


0:32:28.4 LB: I can do seven albums. I'll do seven songs by The Beatles that they actually sang, and then I'm going to improvise and make up seven songs that went unreleased, how does that sound.


0:32:42.0 DJ: Let's do it.


0:32:43.1 LB: Alright. You just count me off, alright. Whatever I say, just to keep me on count. Okay, seven real songs by The Beatles.


Penny Lane.


0:32:54.0 DJ: One.


0:32:55.0 LB: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


0:32:56.9 DJ: Two.


0:32:57.9 LB: She Loves You.


0:33:00.0 DJ: Three.


0:33:00.9 LB: Norwegian Wood.


0:33:02.7 DJ: Four.


0:33:02.8 LB: Yellow Submarine.


0:33:04.7 DJ: Five.


0:33:06.8 LB: Something in the Way She Looks, or just Something.


0:33:09.1 DJ: Six.


0:33:10.0 LB: And All You Need is Love.


0:33:12.1 DJ: Seven.


0:33:13.6 LB: Alright. Okay, and now...


0:33:16.1 DJ: You're a little faster than me.


0:33:18.2 LB: Well, it's a little bit of a rapid-fire game to kinda get you out of your head too, which I didn't make clear. But I'm gonna give you a chance to...


0:33:25.7 DJ: I can redeem myself.


0:33:27.0 LB: To redeem yourself, 'cause I think it's... You know, I expected you to be maybe a little nervous. I'm still nervous, and I've done this a million times, so it's natural. But now, I'm gonna give you seven songs I wish they would have sang, and I'm just gonna improvise these, so.


0:33:46.3 DJ: Go for it.


0:33:47.9 LB: Fans of Love.


0:33:49.2 DJ: One.


0:33:49.5 LB: Heartbreak Motel.


0:33:51.8 DJ: Two.


0:33:52.3 LB: A Mouse in His Wings.


0:33:54.9 DJ: Three.


0:33:55.8 LB: Angels on High.


0:33:57.8 DJ: Four.


0:33:58.8 LB: You Need More Than Love.


0:34:00.3 DJ: Five.


0:34:02.5 LB: Black Album.


0:34:03.3 DJ: Six.


0:34:04.2 LB: And, Bricks That Need Paint.


0:34:08.4 DJ: Seven.


0:34:09.2 LB: Yes, yes, exactly. So, you see, for those of you who are kind of listening, trying to figure out what exactly are they doing, again, this can be a great team building game, a great icebreaker. I could see going to a community event and kind of using this as an icebreaker game.


0:34:27.3 DJ: I agree.


0:34:28.5 LB: So, alright, here's your redemption category. So, you're definitely gonna have to just improvise these, 'cause there's no real answers that exist. But down here, we have a type of coffee called Community Coffee, and they have different flavors. They have Mardi Gras flavored coffee, like pecans and praline coffee. And what I need from you, because it was community, so I thought I was being creative, I need from you seven new flavors of Community Coffee. And, go.


0:35:12.6 DJ: Original.


0:35:14.2 LB: One.


0:35:15.2 DJ: Chocolate.


0:35:16.3 LB: Yes, two.


0:35:16.8 DJ: Mocha.


0:35:17.0 LB: Three.


0:35:17.2 DJ: Vanilla.


0:35:17.5 LB: Four.


0:35:17.7 DJ: Blueberry.


0:35:20.9 LB: Five.


0:35:21.8 DJ: Strawberry.


0:35:23.9 LB: Six.


0:35:24.6 DJ: Decaf.


0:35:25.8 LB: Decaf, and seven. Yes, yes. Okay, much better. Don't you feel more relaxed also?


0:35:32.6 DJ: No.


0:35:33.0 LB: Just kind of letting your brain... [laughter]


0:35:35.3 DJ: That was stressful.


0:35:37.9 LB: Oh, my goodness. Well, the point of this is to be fun at the end, but I know I enjoyed it and I appreciate you being a good sport. And honestly, David, I have not been able to do Improv since COVID and I was going to go to a jam session the weekend that everything got shut down, so this... You did so much for me just in being able to play this. I hope our listeners enjoyed it.


0:36:08.0 DJ: I made you look good. I made you look good there.


0:36:09.1 LB: Well, no, I think you did fantastic as well. Don't get too much in your head.


0:36:12.9 DJ: Yeah, I did pretty good. I did pretty good.


0:36:17.3 LB: You did fantastic. Well, I appreciate you. Thank you again for talking about safety and community with us, and best of luck on all your projects.


0:36:28.2 DJ: Yeah, thank you. Thanks for having me, Lauren. I appreciate it.


0:36:31.7 LB: Special thanks to David Jaenike, founder of Safety Knights, for being on our show today to talk about safety and community.




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