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Episode 21 | Safety And... S1 Finale, Recap, and S2 Teasers | by LAPCO FR

Safety And... podcast Season 1 finale! In this episode we reflect on our journey and guests with some audio highlights, review some of our favorite laughing and learning moments, and reveal some of the wonderful things in the works for season 2.




This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO Manufacturing. LAPCO: premium workwear since 1989.




0:00:28.6 LB: Hey hey listeners. Welcome to Safety And..., a laughing and learning podcast where we talk about safety and whatever else is on your mind. I'm your host Lauren Brizendine, and today we are talking about safety, in the season one finale of the podcast. And yes, we are getting to that part of the year y'all when things start picking up and schedules are getting busy, and people are starting to travel. So, we thought it would be a great time to have our season one finale and start planning our season two, which I know there are some exciting things happening and I'm gonna talk about those later. But before I talk about where we're going, I definitely want to talk about where our journey has taken us so far. And because home is where the heart is, we started our season in our headquarters in Morgan City, Louisiana, with our leader Micah Triche, who was not only great in saying yes to us producing this podcast, but also saying yes to being our first guest. He tells us of LAPCO's humble beginnings with his father Freddie Triche, and moreover, how he sees the company evolving in the future.


0:01:47.7 Micah Triche: The thing about future is you got to start working on it right now. And so, I think LAPCO has done a tremendous job over the past years about building a brand. And so, in the market we're in, there's a lot of brand oriented companies.


0:02:07.9 LB: Right.


0:02:08.1 MT: And so LAPCO has always filled the void of being a tremendous workwear provider.


0:02:15.3 LB: Yes.


0:02:15.5 MT: Good quality, a reasonable price, and availability and helping along the process.


0:02:23.3 LB: We also chatted with folks from around the country like David Jaenike, who like us, is bringing the safety community together with his platform, the Safety Knights, and on the opposite coast with Jason Call out of California, who not only taught us about gas monitor competence but who also told us what a polyglot is. So that was something I learned from my friend, Jason. But one of my favorite learning moments was with our first international guest, Fred Crossley, who not only has great taste in music but also showed us that Canadians are not so different from us. Take a listen.


0:03:10.1 Fred Crossley: Our countries do share a ton of culture. There are some subtle differences here and there but the needs of an occupational health and safety manager on the ground of a Construction or Manufacturing or Oil and Gas Company are gonna be very similar to someone who's working in Alberta, versus somebody who's working in Texas. The systems are all very similar, it's just the weather's a little bit different.


0:03:34.3 LB: Yeah, well, we all like Yacht rock. I mean we know that's a similarity.


0:03:39.4 FC: Totally. A little bit of Steely Dan, a little bit of Doobie Brothers, never hurt anybody, it's all good.


0:03:45.6 LB: This season brought us a wide range of expertise from champions tied to hazardous industries. For our friends listening in the electrical and utilities, check out Episode Eight where I interview lineman Matt Hickey for Lineman’s Appreciation Day. There's also a ton of insight from my friend John Newquist in Episode Nine if you want to get more technical.


0:04:09.7 John Newquist: And so, the industry, the electrical industry is very professional, been around for a hundred years, they've had great rules, they learned from the accidents, and they came up with the electrical safety code, and then they also came out with a National Fire Protection code 70E which is protecting the workers.


0:04:26.1 LB: We've also had chats with our friends like Cody Schwing, Jason Fontenot and Scott Barrios, whose stories into safety find us in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and energy industries. One of the most insightful chats was with safety director and US veteran Jarrod Tomassi who shared with us a great analogy on leadership, regardless of what field you're in.


0:04:50.6 LB: That's what I felt.


0:04:50.9 Jarrod Tomassi: The second part of that... Yeah, and the second part of that was that wolf wasn't getting stabbed in the back, he's taking hits, because he leads from the front, or she leads from the front. And so, whatever those hits are, are represented by the arrows. If you find yourself alone, and getting stabbed in the back, you're probably not doing very good in leadership. If you find yourself standing tall and taking hits for your team, you might be doing really well.


0:05:27.0 LB: Wow.


0:05:27.6 JT: So that's the symbolism of that picture. If you unpack it.


0:05:34.1 LB: And then there were the emotional moments. In his episode about safety and his hobby gardening, Kent Aucoin shared with us the safety poem. And y'all, that was the first time I had heard it, and needless to say, I was definitely affected.


0:05:54.9 Kent Aucoin: Okay. It says, "I chose to look the other way. I could have saved a life that day, but I chose to look the other way. It wasn't that I didn't care, I had the time, and I was there. But I didn't want to seem a fool or argue the safety rule. I knew he'd done the job before. If I called it wrong, he might get sore. Then chances didn't seem that bad. I've done the same. He knew I had. So, I shook my head and walked on by. He knew the risk as well as I. He took the chances, I closed an eye, and with that act, I let him die."


0:06:41.9 LB: Oh.


0:06:42.4 KA: "I could have saved a life that day, but I chose to look the other way. Now, every time I see his wife, I know I could have saved his life. The guilt is something I must bear, but it isn't something you must share. If you see a risk that others take that puts their life or health at stake, the question asked or things you say could help them live another day. I asked, I see... If you see a risk and walk away, then hope you never have to say, "I could have saved a life that day, but I chose to look the other way." You know what the bottom line is? Companies want you to get back home to your family.


0:07:29.3 LB: Well, first of all, that was a very emotional poem. For those of you who haven't heard it before, I'm a little choked up a little bit because I think for me, I hear the word safety and come home safely, and I don't wanna say it sounds cliche, but I'm not living and breathing it the way you are, so when I hear something like this and get to talk to you and really hear your story, it's impactful. That is a lot of pressure. That is so much pressure. Again, that was a very emotional rollercoaster. I'm crying, I'm nervous. I'm thankful that I don't have to do this.


0:08:18.6 LB: We call our show a laughing and learning podcast, and we have had some great learning moments about behavior with David Sowers and creativity with my friend and host of the Probability Matters Podcast, Kyle Krueger. But y'all, my personal favorite is laughing with some of these palette cleanser games at the end. Check out some of these funny moments with our guests like Josh Ockmond, where we poke fun at Louisiana, and also when I stumped Ryan David in a travel game during his backyard interview with his kids. I also think Ryan's episode is where I find out about the post-production bell that you can put in. So, check this one out.


0:09:04.0 LB: Now, the next word is, it's a verb, guys, and it's called rode. Now, this is something my mom tells me all the time. She's like, "Oh, you're going rode today?" And I was like, "You know me."




0:09:19.4 Ryan David: This was us in high school when we got our driver's license, right?


0:09:24.4 LB: Yes, it was.




0:09:26.4 RD: We live in a small town, there's really nowhere to go, so you just ride around. You would rode. You would just drive around with really no destination in mind.


0:09:36.7 LB: I'm gonna be nice, I guess, and we'll start with some countries, and the city, I'll have you name the country, I'll give you the city, is Mexico City.


0:09:56.2 RD: Mexico.


0:09:57.1 LB: Alright, good job, good job. I wish I had a bell. I almost bought one. Do you have a bell or something I can ding?


0:10:03.7 Eli: Uh-huh. I don't think so.


0:10:04.1 LB: It's okay. It's fine. Alright, we'll just do a little golf clap. Good job. Good job on that. Okay. Paris.


0:10:11.4 RD: France.


0:10:12.2 LB: Alright, alright. Good job. Addis Ababa.


0:10:18.0 RD: Zimbabwe.




0:10:18.1 LB: That was incorrect. Eli, do you know what Addis Ababa is the city... Do you know the country which...?


0:10:28.4 Eli: I'm gonna take a guess and say Saudi Arabia.


0:10:31.6 LB: No, but great guess. The answer was Ethiopia. Alright, what about Athens?


0:10:38.9 RD: Ooh.


0:10:40.1 LB: I know. It's...


0:10:43.1 RD: Athens, Australia.


0:10:46.7 LB: Okay, that is incorrect.




0:10:50.2 Eli: It's Greece.


0:10:51.3 LB: It is Greece. Man, I want a bell so bad. I'll give you this one, Harvey. Panama City.


0:11:00.4 RD: Panama City, Beach Florida.




0:11:04.8 RD: No, I'm joking.


0:11:04.9 LB: No, I'm looking for the country.


0:11:05.9 RD: Panama.


0:11:06.5 LB: Oh, there you go. Ding, ding, ding.


0:11:09.7 LB: The biggest surprise of the show was watching our women followers grow with every episode. Not only is our ladies initiative a huge part of the future business growth at LAPCO, but we learn this season that ladies have played a huge role in our foundation as well.


0:11:28.7 MT: So in South Louisiana, over the years, it has been predominantly an oil and gas community that we live in, and so when my father was starting LAPCO and began to hire people, we noticed that there were many, many ladies in the community that were looking for work, but were unable to find work just because of the market we were in, the community we were in. Most men went offshore, and that was what would happen.


0:12:02.8 LB: Makes sense.


0:12:04.1 MT: So, he said a long time ago he was gonna hire ladies around the community, and so we've done that, and we've kept that going, and it's just been incredible for us. Now, there are challenges.


0:12:18.1 LB: And we've chatted with some incredible females who have shared their expertise, their challenges, and their vision for the future of women in the trades. Check out what my friends, Petra Reyes, Maria Moreno, and Abby Ferry had to say from season one.


0:12:33.0 Petra Reyes: It's okay, I'm sure she'll loved that I shared it. So, she pulls this envelope, and it says like top secret written on it and she makes this big show about it, and she pulls out a gold card and written on it in sparkly letters it says, "Follow up." Follow up is everything, let your customer nine times out of 10 is not gonna buy anything from you that day, a month from now, a year from now, but stay on top of it just... If you only talk to them when you think they might need something you're not gonna sell anything, you might get lucky and you will, but follow-up is everything. Stay in contact, stay in front of them, that's what I pride myself on, is I stay in front of everybody's customers. I tell them it doesn't matter what you need, you call me and I'm gonna connect you to the right person and that's how I've been able to drive sales for multiple service companies.


0:13:25.5 Maria Moreno: Honestly, my challenges were just being a woman in general having to prove yourself to the men, all the men in the trades and being in an industrial field and you're getting dirty and stuff that was a challenge for me. And also stepping out of my comfort zone because I'm so used to staying at home with my kids and...


0:13:48.5 LB: Yes.


0:13:49.9 Lauren Brizendine: Doing the lighter duty stuff and yeah, that was one of my challenges. And honestly seeking out help too, because you're a girl and you're like, "Hey, my mom wants me to be in nursing but I really wanna find out what this is all about, mechanical side or being an electrical engineer." That could be challenging too but that's what I've ran into.


0:14:14.2 Abby Ferry: Alright, so I'm excited.


0:14:18.6 LB: Yeah.


0:14:19.1 AF: And so, when you have markers like that in your life it's like wow, what did I think I was gonna be like at this age and I'm realizing that I'm in this position where I'm mid-career, but I have a lot of advice to give and more importantly like status. So, I can use my status and the places I get to be to bring others with me and start introducing other... Especially younger women to just anybody in my network. So, I kind of flipped things and it's only in the past few years that I really have flipped how I approach safety as a woman to make it more about the other women. This sounds weird.


0:15:07.3 LB: And finally, y'all, a thank you to our behind-the-scenes crew of Tiffany Giroir and Christopher Hanlon, who I hear are working on some great things for season two and we're talking about new, more exciting, more vibrant cover art. I think a new opening song that has a slamming baseline if I'm being completely honest, some video interviews which y'all... I'm gonna have to start wearing makeup on these things and I don't know how I feel about that, but also some multi-guest interviews like a panel discussion which that is going to be amazing. And even some repeat guests, and fan favorites all coming back for season two. But guess what, y'all, you could be a part of season two. If you have a story to share and if you want to be on the second season of the Safety And... Podcast then email us, let us know.


0:16:10.7 LB: And since this is the season one finale, I'm not just sending y'all to I'm giving y'all my personal work email. So, if you wanna be on the show you can email me directly, Lauren Brizendine at that's the letter L-B-R-I-Z-E-N-D-I-N-E @ Yes.

From the bottom of my heart thank you all for a successful first season and remember safety doesn't happen by accident, so we'll see you next season on the Safety And... Podcast by LAPCO manufacturing.


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