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Safety And... | a podcast series by LAPCO FR

Posts tagged: business

Episode 07 | Safety And… Gardening with Kent Aucoin by LAPCO FR

Safety And... Gardening: Lauren sits down with Kent Aucoin, a Barge Unload Supervisor in the Grain Export Industry. Listen as they discuss safety, combustible dust, lockout/tagout, gardening, and make a salad with homegrown ingredients in this National Gardening Day episode of the Safety And... podcast.     Transcript: This podcast is sponsored by...

Episode 06 | Safety And… Creativity with Kyle Krueger by LAPCO FR

Safety And... Creativity: Lauren sits down with Kyle Krueger who is a published author and speaker in the health and safety industry & Co-host of the Probability Matters podcast. Listen as they discuss Safety, Creativity, the Future of Health, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Technology, and play a Mad Libs called "Substitute Safety Supervisor."...

Episode 04 | Safety And... Leadership with Jarrod Tomassi by LAPCO FR

Safety And... Leadership: Lauren chats with Safety Director & US Veteran, Jarrod Tomassi GSP, MS. Listen as they discuss Becoming a Safety Professional (3:42), Designing the Perfect Safety Garment (17:14), What it takes to be a Leader (32:26), and play a Leadership Quote Match Game (43:33). Transcript This podcast is sponsored by...

Episode 03 | SAFETY AND...Sailing with Fred Crossley by LAPCO FR

SAFETY AND...Sailing: Lauren talks with ex-professional sailor & Safety obsessed media manager for Canadian Occupational Safety, Fred Crossley. Tune in as they discuss the upcoming Women in Safety Event, inspirational women, crazy sailing stories, and build a yacht rock playlist. Transcript This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO manufacturing. LAPCO: premium...

Episode 02 | Safety And... ESG Initiatives with Petra Reyes by LAPCO FR

Safety And... ESG Initiatives: Lauren Zooms in with Oil and Gas industry female powerhouse Petra Reyes to discuss being a woman in a male-dominated field, the meaning of ESG., and which Golden Girl she is most like in this episode celebrating female empowerment. Transcript This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO...

Episode 01 | Safety And... Camping with Micah Triche | by LAPCO FR

SAFETY AND...CAMPING:Lauren sits down with Micah Triche, Vice President of flame-resistant workwear manufacturer Lapco to discuss the history of Lapco, what's a "glamper", and survival skills in episode 1 of the Safety And...Podcast"Safety And.." is a learning and laughing podcast where we talk safety and whatever else is on your mind.