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Safety And... | a podcast series by LAPCO FR

Episode 05 | Safety And… School with Special Guests by LAPCO FR

Safety And... School: Lauren chats with her nieces and nephews: Bella (16), Eli (15), Libby (11), and Max (7). Listen as they discuss safety, school, and how current events are affecting teens' and childrens' lives, and play "Old Skool, New Skool" a game designed and developed by Eli!    ...

Episode 04 | Safety And... Leadership with Jarrod Tomassi by LAPCO FR

Safety And... Leadership: Lauren chats with Safety Director & US Veteran, Jarrod Tomassi GSP, MS. Listen as they discuss Becoming a Safety Professional (3:42), Designing the Perfect Safety Garment (17:14), What it takes to be a Leader (32:26), and play a Leadership Quote Match Game (43:33).       Transcript This podcast...

Episode 03 | SAFETY AND...Sailing with Fred Crossley by LAPCO FR

SAFETY AND...Sailing: Lauren talks with ex-professional sailor & Safety obsessed media manager for Canadian Occupational Safety, Fred Crossley. Tune in as they discuss the upcoming Women in Safety Event, inspirational women, crazy sailing stories, and build a yacht rock playlist. Transcript This podcast is sponsored by LAPCO manufacturing. LAPCO: premium...

Episode 02 | Safety And... ESG Initiatives with Petra Reyes by LAPCO FR

Safety And... ESG Initiatives: Lauren Zooms in with Oil and Gas industry female powerhouse Petra Reyes to discuss being a woman in a male-dominated field, the meaning of ESG., and which Golden Girl she is most like in this episode celebrating female empowerment.     Transcript This podcast is sponsored...

Episode 01 | Safety And... Camping with Micah Triche | by LAPCO FR

SAFETY AND...CAMPING:Lauren sits down with Micah Triche, Vice President of flame-resistant workwear manufacturer Lapco to discuss the history of Lapco, what's a "glamper", and survival skills in episode 1 of the Safety And...Podcast"Safety And.." is a learning and laughing podcast where we talk safety and whatever else is on your mind.