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Benefits of Custom Safety Uniforms | LAPCO FR

How can custom safety uniforms benefit a business and its employees?

There are many advantages to consider for the well-informed business when determining whether providing branded company uniforms for employees will be a worthwhile investment.

Business Benefits

Appearance & Business Image

Custom branded employee uniforms present a professional image and resolve worries about dress code specifics. Customers are more likely to do business with companies whose employees wear uniforms. Uniformed employees stand out amongst the crowd and give the perception of being more professional, well informed, capable, and reliable.

Safety - Ensure Compliance

Companies providing employee uniforms have a measure of control over the uniform selection, maintenance, care, and retirement. This helps to ensure that uniforms meet the proper standards and that employers educate workers in the proper use of safety clothing. These preventative measures save the business money and man-hours by mitigating the risk for injuries and downtime resulting from citations for non-compliance.

Brand Promotion and Advertising

Employees wearing uniforms that display your business’s logos and colors are like walking billboards creating brand recognition wherever they go! Not only do employees wear these uniforms during work hours, but also to the coffee shop on the way to work, and to the market or their children’s activities after work. The more exposure for your brand, the more it is recognized. Local residents begin to identify your brand with the products and services you offer.

Customer Relations, Credibility, and Trust

Branded uniforms instantly pinpoint employees as members of your organization who can answer questions and give information, which improves overall customer service. Work uniforms help instill a sense of accountability and can convert employees into ambassadors outside of the work environment.

Employee Benefits

Save Time and Money

Employer-provided uniforms could save employees money and raise job satisfaction. When employers provide custom uniforms as part of a rental or laundering program, they reduce employee laundering time and expense, as well as uniform replacement costs for both employees and employers.

Security and Protection

Employee uniforms increase worker safety and safety consciousness in the work setting. In hazardous settings, flame-resistant uniforms provide protection in the event of flash fire, arc flash or similar dangers. Custom reflective taping configurations or Hi-Viz safety clothing defends those working in low-visibility conditions. Uniforms protect employees' personal clothing from getting dirty or damaged during the workday. Uniforms increase workplace security by giving employees a consistent appearance. It is easy to recognize any person who is not in uniform as an outsider. Furthermore, uniforms can differentiate employees of different clearance levels or departments to ensure that only properly trained workers perform a task or enter a job site.

Confidence and Community

Custom logoed workwear effects employee’s attitude and work ethic. Customized work apparel creates a feeling of belonging within your organization, promotes pride in work performed, and provides a sense of community that encourages team building and collaboration.