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The LAPCO Difference

The LAPCO Story 

LAPCO is family owned and operated in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Founder and President, Freddie Triche, established Louisiana Apparel Company (LAPCO) and began producing his newly patented leather arm pads, in 1989 in his backyard workshop, with the help of his supportive wife, Trudy Triche. As a pipe welder himself, Freddie saw a need for quality protective apparelThe Triche Family, 2016
for welders. He began advertising his arm pads with a mail-in order form in a small welding publication as well as local word of mouth from happy customers. Soon his arm pads took off and the operation was expanded into high-quality welding shirts, welding leathers, and other accessories.

The industrial trades that utilize safety apparel have grown and evolved over the years and have introduced many new measures to keep workers in the field safe from the hazards present in these volatile settings, thus leading to the addition of flame-resistant workwear to the LAPCO brand with the LAPCO FR™ line of work clothing. Today, LAPCO produces hundreds of protective products with the same high standards for quality and family values that are inherent to the brand.

Product availability is a key aspect of our customer service equation. LAPCO owns and operates a private manufacturing facility. Owning a private manufacturing plant gives LAPCO the ability to track each garment from raw material to end product. Inventory is not dependent on outsourced, contracted plants that may have questionable performance or practices. The ability to closely monitor each step of the manufacturing process is a marked advantage over suppliers who use contracted plants abroad, as processes, inventory, and quality control, may be reduced in those instances. The precise planning and coordination, according to the principles of lean manufacturing, used in the company’s facilities allows for 12 separate assembly lines constructing LAPCO products at any one time. Our plant produces LAPCO products exclusively. Another value-added service we offer is garment customization. Our capabilities include custom embroidery, patches, heat transfers, and reflective taping. We understand the fast-paced environments and security needs of the industries we serve and we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround for customized workwear and uniforms.



Our Mission

“Doing our utmost to make our customers’ experience so positive, that they will not consider an alternative.”




Our Certifications

Protective Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire

Protective Clothing for Electrical Workers




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