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About Us

Safety. Reliability. Purpose.

At LAPCO, we know what it takes to get the job done that’s why we are proud of the work we are doing and the products we produce.

LAPCO FR distributors enjoy multiple advantages like excellent customer service, pain-free inventory acquisition, and a simplified customization process.

Customer Service

Customer care is what sets LAPCO apart from the competition, and makes our products and services the top choice. We are willing to go the extra mile to aid customers before, during, and after product acquisition. At LAPCO we aim for our operation to make it easy for distributors to offer the best quality garment, efficiently, and with competitive prices.


lapco fr customer service


Owning a private manufacturing plant gives LAPCO the ability to track each garment from raw material to end product. Inventory is not dependent on outsourced, contracted plants that may have questionable performance or practices. The ability to closely monitor each step of the manufacturing process is a marked advantage over suppliers who use contracted plants abroad, as process, inventory, and quality control, may be reduced in those instances. The precise planning and coordination, according to the principles of lean manufacturing, used in the company’s facilities allows for 12 separate assembly lines constructing LAPCO products at any one time.


lapco fr inventory


We offer embroidery and digitizing, custom reflective taping, patches, and heat transfers on all of our products. These value-added services are completed before the product leaves headquarters, giving distributors a turnkey solution for their workwear needs.


lapco fr custom reflective trim


LAPCO products are certified to meet standards set forth by NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, and ASTM F1506. Wearer safety is top priority and all aspects of garment construction are engineered to adhere to these standards and best practices. The industries we serve are asset intensive and we understand the importance of employee protection and product reliability. LAPCO delivers garments that meet the needs of the end-user consistently.


lapco fr safety