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Product Care

Laundering Instructions


Carolina Protect Cotton and Cotton Blends 

Bibs & Coveralls: B13FRDN, CVFRD7, CVEFR7, CVIN9, GOCD6, GOCD7, L-GOCD6

Clean garment thoroughly.

Detergent only.

Pretreat stains.

Dry cleanable. Dry cleaning is not recommended for denim because of possible loss of color.

Wash up to 122° F (50° C).

No chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.

No softeners. No starch.

Tumble dry low. Remove Promptly.



Westex 88/12 Blends


Clean garments turned inside out for best results (wash and dry).

Clean garment thoroughly.

Softened water for better results.

Detergent only.

Do not use silicate supplemented detergents.

Pretreat stains.

Dry cleanable.

Recommended wash temperature is 140˚ F (60˚ C). Wash up to 165˚ F (75˚ C) for heavy stains.

No chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.

No softeners. No starch.

Tumble dry permanent press between 140 ° F - 165° F (60° C - 74 ° C). Remove Promptly.

To minimize washer induced wrinkles, water temperature is reduced in each succeeding rinse cycle from 145-165 ° F (60-75° C) until the last operation where it should be 100 ° F (38° C) or lower.



Westex DH and DH Air

Shirts: DHS5, DHS6, L-SFRDH6
Coveralls: CVDHF6

Clean garment thoroughly.

Detergent only. Synthetic, heavy-duty liquid detergent is recommended.

Pretreat stains.

Softened water for better results.

Wash up to 140 ° F (60° C).

No chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.

No softeners. No starch.

Tumble dry. Remove Promptly.

Steam or dry iron on low, when needed.



DNA FR Denim Wash and Care

Pants: P-INDFC11, L-PFRSD11M

Clean garment thoroughly.

Detergent only.

Pretreat stains.

Machine wash warm up to 140˚ F (60˚ C).

No chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.

No softeners.

Tumble dry low, max 160 ° F (71 ° C). Remove Promptly.



Pyrosafe FR Blend Knits

Outerwear: SWHFR14, SWHFR14Z

Clean garment thoroughly.

Clean garments turned inside out for best results (wash and dry).

Detergent only.

Wash temperature max 120 ° F for home laundering.
Wash up to 165 ° F with a quality detergent for industrial laundering.
No chlorine bleach separately or in detergents.

No softeners. No starch.

Do not use tallow soap, i.e., containing animal fat.

Do not overload washer.

Use high water level.

Do not use extreme heat or over dry.

Industrial wash: Max stack temperature 165 ° F (basket temperature should not exceed 280 ° F)

Home wash: Tumble dry using permanent press settings.

Garments may be touched up with an iron on permanent press setting if needed.



TECASAFE ONE | TenCate Protective Fabrics

Pants: P-TC5, L-PTCFR5 
Coveralls: TCCF5, L-TCCD5

Machine wash warm on gentle with like colors.

Wash with other FR garments.

Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Tumble dry low. Remove Promptly.



TECASAFE PLUS | TenCate Protective Fabrics

Shirts: FRT-RHP 

Launder separately from non-flame-resistant garments. Lint from these garments may affect flame resistance.

Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach. Chlorine bleach will not damage flame-resistance but may reduce garment life.

Garments with very oily or greasy stains may be pre-treated and washed in hot water (140° F Maximum). Dry cleaning may be more effective on these kinds of stains.

This fabric dries rapidly; for lowest shrinkage Do Not Over Dry.

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Mount Vernon FR

Pants: P-INDMD13

Home Laundering: Wash on permanent press cycle with warm or hot water. Tumble dry on permanent press cycle. Remove garments when dry or slightly damp and place on hanger. Garments may be ironed for a smoother appearance.

Industrial Laundering: We recommend normal IL cotton wash formulas. Water temperature should not exceed 165°F. Any recognized commercial laundry detergent that does not contain bleach is satisfactory. Stack temperature should not exceed 165°F for best appearance and lowest shrinkage.

Dry Cleaning: Garments may be dry cleaned if needed and may be helpful in removing oily soils. Some dry cleaning fluids are flammable and must be completely removed from FR garments to maintain protective performance.

Materials to avoid: Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or oxygenated bleach (hydrogen peroxide) alone or in combination with other materials will harm the flame resistant properties and should never be used for FR garments.

FR garments should not be starched or processed with fabric softener. Starch and some fabric softeners may be flammable. Both starch and fabric softener have the potential to build up on fabric surfaces over multiple wash cycles and may reduce the protection of FR garments.



Nomex Wash and Care

Shirts: NXSC45
Pants: P-NXC6
Coveralls: NXCD45, NXCCE45

Clean garment thoroughly.

Detergent only.

Pretreat stains.

Machine wash up to 140˚ F (60˚ C).

Dry cleaning for grease or oil stain removal.

Only oxygen based bleach when needed.

No softeners, no starch, no other laundry additives that contain flammable chemicals.

Tumble dry low, max 160 ° F (71 ° C). Remove Promptly.

Do not store in sunlight.



Non-FR Laundering Instructions


  1. Wash in Cold or Warm, Not Hot Water: Use warm water instead of hot. Warm water can be effective for cleaning without the excessive shrinkage caused by hot water.

  2. Pre-Treat Stains: If there are specific soils or stains, pre-treat them with a bit of detergent before washing. This helps remove dirt and stains in lower temperatures.

  3. Prep: Turn the garment inside out to protect its outer appearance. Wash with like colors. Do not wash Non-FR and FR clothing together.

  4. Gentle Detergent: Choose a detergent that's effective at slightly warmer temperatures. Some detergents are formulated to work well in both warm and cold water.

  5. Wash Cycle: Use a gentle cycle for less dirty garments. Use the permanent-press cycle for dirtier garments. This is gentler than a regular cycle but more effective than a delicate cycle.

  6. Drying: Air dry (recommended) the garment by laying it flat or hanging it up to dry or tumble dry on low and remove from dryer promptly while still damp and hang to finish drying.


  1. Avoid Hot Water: Steer clear of hot water as it's more likely to cause shrinkage.

  2. Overuse Detergent: Don't overuse detergent in an attempt to clean better. This can leave residues and damage fabric.

  3. Drying: Do not over dry garments. Over drying 100% cotton clothing will cause it to shrink. Air dry (recommended) when possible.

  4. Neglecting to Reshape: Don’t forget to gently reshape the garment while damp if needed.

  5. Overcrowding the Washer: Don't overload the washer, as this can prevent thorough cleaning.



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