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Doffing FR Workwear

Doffing Flame-Resistant Workwear

Removing or "doffing" flame-resistant workwear involves more than just taking off a piece of clothing. Specific guidelines and procedures are designed to prevent any contaminant or fire-related risks from affecting the wearer, or others around them, during the doffing process.


Best practices for doffing FR uniforms:


  • Inspect before doffing: Before removing your flame-resistant workwear, inspect it for any contamination, damage, or wear and tear. This helps prevent the spread of any harmful substances that might have come into contact with the workwear.


  • Avoid contaminating other clothing or environments: When doffing your flame-resistant workwear, try to do so in a designated area to avoid contaminating other clothing or clean environments. If the workwear is contaminated, handle it with gloves, and ensure it is cleaned appropriately before being used again.


  • Cleaning and maintenance: Flame-resistant workwear should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. Regular cleaning not only removes dirt and contaminants but also helps maintain the flame-resistant properties of the clothing. Avoid using any cleaning agents that could degrade the flame resistance of the garment.


  • Proper storage: After doffing, make sure to store your flame-resistant workwear in a clean, dry place. Do not store it with regular clothes, especially if it is contaminated or has been exposed to any harmful substances.


  • Proper disposal: If your flame-resistant workwear is damaged beyond repair, it should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations.


  • Training: Workers should receive regular training on how to correctly don, doff, and maintain their flame-resistant workwear. This training should also cover what to do in the event of a contamination or exposure incident.


Remember that safety procedures can change, and it is essential to follow the most current guidelines provided by safety experts and the manufacturer of your specific flame-resistant workwear. Always refer to the user instructions provided with the workwear for the most accurate information.