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Flame-Resistant Garment Inspection & Retirement

How to determine when a flame-resistant garment should be removed from service.

Workers should ALWAYS follow the practices of their company’s safety policy.

To minimize the possibility of injury, wearers should perform an inspection of their FR workwear before each use to ensure that none of the outlined retirement conditions have occurred.

Garment Inspection & Retirement

These visually identifiable issues may reduce the effectiveness of FR clothing and are basis for immediate garment retirement.

• Worn or thin spots, holes, excessive wear or abrasion spots on the garment.

• Evidence of cuts, rips, tears, open seams, or broken closures.

• Changes or Alterations made to a garment that significantly varies from the original design.

• The FR clothing does not fit the wearer or is ill-fitting.

• The FR apparel has had contact with Bleach.

Soiled Beyond Salvage - clothing soiled by chemicals or substances that present a flammability hazard, such as solvents, solids, oils, and other accelerants that cannot be properly removed by cleaning. Chemical odors that remain after appropriate laundering can be an indicator of this type of issue.