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How to Choose FR Winter Wear for Safety & Functionality

FR Winter Wear Safety & Functionality are Prime

FR winter wear season is here. What features in flame resistant outerwear will keep you warm and comfortable without inhibiting performance? Work doesn’t stop for cold temperatures, wind, snow, or rain.  Reliable flame-resistant outerwear will shield you from weather and work hazards. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing which FR winter wear to take on the job.

FR Protection & Compliance

Be sure to select FR outerwear that is designed to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards, such as NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E. Understand the level of protection needed while on the job site. Safety always comes first!

Temperature rating

Select garments that offer the appropriate level of warmth. Some FR outerwear comes with a temperature rating, or CLO, to help you choose the best winter wear for your work environment.

Outer Shell

This is your first barrier from the outside elements.  What types of weather will you be working in?  If you work in rain, snow, or windy conditions you should look for winter gear that is weather resistant. Shop outerwear that features water repellency and wind blocking components. Wicking and breathability will keep you comfortable and dry which is just as important as blocking outside elements to maintaining your body temperature.


The insulation helps you retain the heat produced by your body, traps warm air close to your body, and keeps it warm.

Ease of movement

Ease of movement is vital to comfort and job performance. For example, garments designed with bi-swing backs support a wide range of motion. Performance FR outerwear should provide adequate warmth and insulation without being overly stiff or bulky.

Accessories & Features

Attention to detail in the design of winter garments can make a big difference in comfort & performance. Features such as water-resistant finishes, adjustable cuffs, detachable hoods, elastic or adjustable waistbands and beyond can improve the ease of use & functionality of FR outerwear.

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