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LAPCO FR partners with South Louisiana Community College in training the Future of Industry

LAPCO Manufacturing, Inc. is honored to collaborate with South Louisiana Community College. Through this partnership, we are able to assist in the training of workers and students in our community in the needed skills for industry.

LAPCO's donation of flame-resistant coveralls will be utilized during various training activities required for certification courses provided by the Marine Operations program including Basic Training Revalidation, Personal Survival Techniques, Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher, Water Survival Multi-Egress Training Simulation (METS), and Water Survival Single Egress Training Simulation (SWET).

Information about the program and complete list of courses offered can be found at the SOLACC website ( or by following the link below.


LAPCO FR partners with SOLACC Marine Operations program
Micah Triche (center), vice-president with LAPCO Manufacturing, Inc. presents a donation to SOLACC's Anthony Baham (left), Dean of Maritime and Continuing Education, Corporate College and Carl Moore (right), Assistant Dean, Corporate College.


SOLACC's Marine Operations program, part of the Corporate College, provides specialized Coast Guard-approved classroom instruction and practical training to prepare students to obtain a variety of documents, licenses, and endorsements issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, Medic First Aid, PEC Safety and more. These credentials are required for many jobs available in the Marine Operations and Safety fields.

Classes in Marine Operations are held at the Young Memorial and H&B Young Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center Campuses in Morgan City and at the Maritime and Corporate College Training Center in Houma.