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    Heat Stress Awareness and Prevention | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    What is Heat Stress? Occupational heat stress is the net load to which a worker is exposed from the combined contributions of metabolic heat, environmental ...

    Care and Use of Your FR Face Mask

    Posted on
    Care and Use of Your FR Face Mask Donning your FR Face Mask Wash your hands before touching your mask. When using a mask, be sure to wash your hands before y...

    Storm Bag Packing List | How to Prepare for Disaster Work

    Posted on
    When packing and preparing for disaster work, the things you will need to pack will depend on the type and severity of the disaster and the availability of ...

    Linemen Interview & Tips for Disaster Work Prep | Disaster Work Part 3

    Posted on
    We wanted to know more about linemen's experiences in the field when they are called out for disaster work and wanted to be able to share some advice and ti...

    Utility Linemen - Essential Workers | Disaster Work Part 2

    Posted on
    Utility Linemen - Essential Workers When thinking about emergency workers and first responders, linemen may not be top of mind, but they are necessary to ke...

    Why are Utility Linemen considered Essential Workers? | Disaster Work Part 1

    Posted on
    Why are Linemen considered essential workers? The Importance of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers While the world is currently fighting a novel coro...

    FR Basics | A Quick Overview on FR Clothing Protection

    Posted on
    You may be new to PPE: Starting a new job where you are responsible for ordering workwear, Work in hazardous situations and are concerned that the uniforms...

    Cold Weather Layering with Flame-Resistant Workwear

    Posted on
    To understand layering for outdoor work, you need to know how each layer works to keep you warm. Layer 1) Dry Layer: Moisture Management The next-to-skin la...

    How many times can you wash fire retardant clothing?

    Posted on

    Tips on wash expectancy and the useful life of flame-resistant workwear. When considering laundering & the useful life of FR clothing, a few factors affect the life expectancy of a garment...

    Insect Repellents & FR Clothing | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    Using a safe, non-flammable, insect repellent formulated for use with FR clothing reduces the possibility of contracting Zika virus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, West Nile virus, and other vectors spread by mosquitoes and ticks.

    How important is the proper cleaning of FR workwear?

    Posted on
    Proper laundering and maintenance of any flame-resistant garment is essential to remove potentially hazardous soils and avoid a build-up of materials that co...

    What to Pack for an Offshore Hitch

    Posted on
    Packing for your first time offshore can be a challenge if you are not sure what you will need. You are probably already a little nervous about starting a ne...

    Insect Repellents & Flame-Resistant Workwear

    Posted on

    Choosing the right bite prevention for use at work is a little different from choosing a repellent for use at home.

    Tips for Donning FR Workwear

    Posted on
    Ensure maximum protection by properly donning your flame-resistant workwear.
    • Button, zip, or snap the shirt or coverall as high as possible up the chest. 
    • Never wear sleeves rolled up, exposing your arms. 
    • Button or snap cuffs at the wrists.
    • Always tuck in your shirttails.

    How do fire resistant clothes work?

    Posted on

    Have you ever thought how do fire resistant clothes work, what is fr clothing made of, what does flame resistant mean, what is fire retardant clothing, or what is flame resistant clothing? Learn how your fire retardant jeans, fr uniform shirts, and work pants can protect you and decrease injuries sustained during a flash fire or arc flash event.

    Care & Maintenance of Flame Resistant Clothing | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    Tips and information on garment cleaning and caring for your FR workwear. READING FR GARMENT CARE LABELS Always read the care labels on any FR garment before...

    The Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs Requiring Fire Resistant Clothing

    Posted on
    If your work exposes you to a risk of flash fires, electric arcs, or combustible dust explosions, you need fire resistant clothing to protect you. According to OSHA, flame resistant clothing “is a type of apparel that is made out of material that is meant to self-extinguish once the ignition source has been removed.”

    Benefits of Custom Safety Uniforms | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    Companies providing employee uniforms have a measure of control over uniform selection, maintenance, care, and retirement. This helps to ensure that uniforms meet the proper standards and that employers educate workers in the proper use of safety clothing. These preventative measures save the business money and man-hours by mitigating the risk for injuries and downtime resulting from citations for non-compliance.

    Flame-Resistant Clothing Terms - Quick Reference | Inherent Definition | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    Common FR Clothing terms, acronyms, and what they mean.   Learn more about the basics of FR clothing here.   Clothing & Equipment PPE: (Personal Prote...

    How to Pack for an Offshore Hitch | LAPCO FR

    Posted on
    Packing for your first time offshore can be a challenge if you are not sure what you will need. You are probably already a little nervous about starting a ...

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