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Custom Reflective Striping | Reflective Tape

Reflective tape added to your flame-resistant workwear can improve your chances of avoiding workplace accidents.

Hi-Viz workwear differentiates workers from their surroundings in low visibility environments and can include coveralls, shirts, vests, jackets, pants, gloves, and even headwear.

The more visible a worker is, the less risk there is of a serious injury from impacts with machinery ranging from cars on the highway to heavy equipment on a job site. Full body coverage is important to give maximum visibility so keep that in mind when choosing reflective tape configurations for workwear. For instance, stripes of reflective tape on the sleeves and legs of a garment can make the direction of movement more easily visible, when combined with torso and back reflective tape locations on a garment.

Being visible is an important component of work safety for many jobs including transportation or construction workers, shipyard employees, utility linemen, railway workers, accident site inspectors, first responders, warehouse or factory workers - essentially anyone who works close to vehicles or machinery that move under their own capacity.

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