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FR Clothing Embroidery and Decoration

Emblems & Embroidery on FR Clothing

Companies in industries where arc-rated or flame-resistant clothing is necessary for employee safety often require that the uniforms be decorated with their company logo and the employee’s name for branding and security reasons.


One frequently asked question is, do emblems and decorations on flame-resistant clothing need to be flame resistant?

The answer is No, but recent updates to the standards have given more specific recommendations about the quantity and size of non-FR heraldry, and the total area covered.


Past Recommendations

Previously, ASTM F1506 (arc flash standard) stated that non-flame-resistant emblems and heraldry should be minimized on the AR / FR garment and NFPA 2112 (flash fire standard) said that labels and emblems shall not be required to be heat resistant.


Newest Recommendation

NFPA 2112, Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire, Annex A states:

  • A. If non-flame-resistant emblems are attached to the exterior of a garment, the maximum number should be five with no individual emblem covering an area greater than 103 cm (16.0 in2) or total area from all these emblems covering an area greater than 258 cm (40 in2).

While these updates are recommendations and not requirements, it is best to take them under consideration the next time you are ordering FR workwear. You can never be too careful when worker safety is at risk. Speak with your workwear provider about whether non-FR or FR embellishments are right for your custom uniforms.